SDA Injection Skid

Technical Brochure

SDA Inejcetion Skid, Specially designed and manufactured by Verito Engineering Private Limited.

Supplied to International Airport Europe.

Application :

Addition of stadis (SDA)  450 to increase the electrical conductivity of distillate the fuels to minimise the risk of electrostatic discharge and ignition during the handling mixing pumping and Filtration of fuels..

The Dynamic Features :

-Specially designed to be friendly with -20 degree Temperature.

– Heat trasing with rockwool insulation and aluminum Clading.

РC marked and ATEX approved instrumentation and electrical components 

– Friendly to work with European atmosphere

– Specially used for filtration Jet fuel

-Fully automised and compact design

– Pricise flow Rate through API 675 Metering Pumps (Verito make)

Verito – A Name of Satisfaction.