Skid Mounted Injection Packages

Technical Brochure :

• Boiler dosing systems (low pressure / high pressure).
• Flocculent dosing systems. (Fully Automatic)
• Hypo chloride dosing system.
• Acid dosing system.
• Corrosion inhibitor dosing System
• Sulphuric acid dosing system
• Additive injection system

Tailor-made chemical dosing System/Chemical Injection Package designed and Manufactured by Verito is self-contained, ready-to-operate units, which only require to be contacted to your chemical supply line & injection points. Verito made chemical dosing/Chemical Injection Package are designed to meet individual customer requirements. These systems are complete with dosing pumps, Piping Storage vessels & all instrumentation required for optimum and trouble-free operations. These systems are supplied duly mounted on a single skid with the platform, ladders, etc. As per customer requirements.

Verito Engineering-made skid mounted injection packages are built conforming to applicable national & international standards.

Application :

• LP & HP Dosing System
• Phosphate Dosing System
• Hydrazine Dosing System
• Ammonia Dosing System
• Corrosion inhibitor Dosing System
• Mercaptan Dosing System
• BFW Dosing System
• Sulphuric Acid Dosing System
• Additive Injection System
• DMDS & many mor

Design :

Veriyog International Private Limited is having ample experience in packaged systems. We can custom-build systems to supplied specifications or assist with the design of a dependable, totally integrated package.


Every system manufactured at Verito Engineering includes complete documentation. This encompasses custom system drawings produced using the latest design software, and can range from:

Other Advantages :

• General Arrangement
• Fabrication
• Piping
• Electrical
A portion of all custom system documentation pertains to inspection and testing, and this meets Verito stringent quality assurance requirements.